A New Apple Watch Eyes Fitbit, Garmin, A Tracking System For Heartrates ( Williams )

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Throughout the world of business the importance of innovation is displayed by the wants and needs of consumers. The desire for change and new products is always wanted by consumers and thought about by entrepreneurs. It is important to be innovative because that is how new ideas are thought of and produced. In many cases various examples of innovation were highlighted and expressed. Without innovation, people in society today would not have the latest technologies that they enjoy. Innovation is everywhere and can be seen in every idea and invention in the World today. Throughout the article “New Apple Watch Eyes Fitbit, Garmin; ‘Thunderdrome’ Scenario Looms” the invention by Fitbit, a tracking system for heartrates (Williams). This was innovative because it allowed for people to keep closer track of their heartrate. The machine is also innovative because it allows the user to do other things. Some of these new technologies allow for breathing sessions, and cardio workouts with a scoring system (Williams). The other innovative part of this product was that the user can now track a workout. This means that they can go for a walk and see how their results were (Williams). The item may become obsolete if a new technology allows for people to monitor their workouts without the use of a machine. Another example of innovation was in the invention of the overhead cutout system. The overhead cutout system was created and mastered because when the overhead bypass is…

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