Essay about A Mother Is The Most Important Pillar Of The House

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A mother is the most important pillar of the house. The whole house revolves around her and everyone needs her help with food, clothes, studies, finding lost stuff, cleaning the house and all. They say with great rewards comes with great responsibilities, and for a mother to raise a good environment for their children, they must give the best they’ve got. In fact mothers, like my mother enjoys working at work, at home, after dinner, and after all hours. However, because she enjoys working twenty-four seven, it has led her to never having the time to spend it with her family.
Anyone can be addicted to anything. To authority, art, work, alcohol, or drugs like Liz Murray 's mother Jean Murray. Jean Murray was a desperate drug addict where drugs eventually took over her life. She constantly kept doing drugs over and over again not caring the danger of what those drugs were doing to her body. Nobody starts out intending to develop an addiction, but many people fall into a world of delusion, believing they can not live without those addictions. My mother for instance, had less opportunities in her country due to not finishing high school and education just was not important for her. I figured that is why she enjoys to work so much. Rather than, getting the education she needed, she preferred to support her siblings. Just like Jean Murray is addicted to drugs, my mother is addicted in working day and night. I should feel proud and appreciative that she has a great job, knowing how…

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