A Model Of The Family House Is A Safe Haven For Youth And Young Adults

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TJ is a 20-year-old single African American female born April 3, 1995. TJ was born and raised in Queens, NY, where she was raised by both her mother and father. TJ is the middle child out of two sisters and one brother. TJ reports not having a good relationship with her siblings and feels more close to her maternal cousins. TJ resides at Services for the Underserved (SUS) which is an Apartment Treatment Program (shared housing). Apartment Treatment is geared towards providing transitional housing and supportive services to women and men who have been diagnosed with a mental illness. TJ moved to the Apartment Treatment program July 1, 2012, from Covenant House in Manhattan, NY, for housing. Covenant House is a safe haven for youth and young adults, who was either kicked out or ran away from home. According to the Journal: The Power of Perception: Toward a Model of Cultural Oppression and Liberation, TJ experienced Oppression by Force as TJ had no control over her living environment or conditions. The goal of Covenant House is to help each young person they meet move to safe, stable, and loving places in their lives. TJ is 6’2” with a slim build, she maintains her personal hygiene and is always dress well. She likes to maintain a manicure and pedicure, as well as keep up with the latest hair styles as she feels like it helps her to feel better, with managing her depression. TJ has a calm and respectful demeanor, and communicates well. Some life stressors that had impact…

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