A Misconception About Gender Equality Essay

1234 Words Jan 13th, 2016 5 Pages
A misconception about gender equality is that the perpetual battle, has been triumphed. Contrastingly, mankind is not only fighting the same battles as the 1920s but finding new ones. In order to eradicate gender based barriers it is pivotal to determine the origin of female suppression. Throughout WWI, there were several major women’s rights movement that were prominent, however most resulted in minute progress. There were many events during the time that interrupted the momentum of the women’s rights movement. The main factors that led to the suppression of women during this time period were societal ideals, fears and industrial growth. Initially, various societal perceptions impeded the women’s rights movement and incited the inequality women endured. During the interwar era specifically, people clung to the distant memory of peace and were actively seeking the familiarity of a woman’s role pre-WWI. This countrywide search, involved women being forced back into their peacetime roles and some were removed from the industrial workforce altogether. Evidently, this movement resulted in women slowly losing the power, rights and respect they had gained during the war. Consequently, these ideals sustained gender roles and hindered women from striving for anything outside of traditional housewifery obligations. The severity of gender roles was amplified by certain anti-equality groups that released propaganda throughout North America. Artists portrayed that a woman’s…

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