A Midsummer Nights Dream Or Much Ado About Nothing Essay

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Shakespeare’s Richard the Third would probably not be considered his greatest of works; it is preformed with much less frequency then some of his better-known pieces such as A Midsummer Nights Dream or Much Ado About Nothing. What do these works have that Richard doesn’t? Richard is just as well written; its monologues have proven excellent choices for actors for many years. There is no denying that Richard is a bloodthirsty man driven towards the only thing that he seems to truly want; power. Not simply any kind of power though, Richard the duke of Gloucester and brother of the king has his heart set on the throne of England, what Richard doesn’t seem to realize however is that he is already quite powerful at manipulation of others, as one can see throughout his journey to the throne. This journey is punctuated by Richards’s love of spectacle, which provides most of the drama in reading. Richards modus operandi seems to be setting up people that he needs out of the way and appearing just in time to ensure that all hell breaks loose. For example Richard spreads the rumors around court about the brother that he and King Edward share, then bides his time until he can accuse Edwards wife of the deed and it certainly does nothing to help the king with his life threatening illness. Capitalizing on Richards’s flair for the spectacular, Shakespeare attempts to strike some semblance of a balance between comedy and seriousness to keep his audiences engaged for so many years. Of…

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