A Mid Summer Night 's Dream Essay

1350 Words Jan 14th, 2016 null Page
How can literature and life be a parallel some may ask, it can be a parallel in ways that people may not think about on a regular basis. Parallels between the genres that we have covered in class and real life are very prominent. The poetry unit in class shows how life is like poetry in the way that everyone sees and feels things in a different manner. Reading A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream, demonstrates how life is like a play,even if it is misled one, also it shows how life is like a triangle of events in which you have no control over. Also, a parallel that can be made is how life is a struggle and how we are not always proud of the actions that we take, but we have to push through to try to make up for them; this can be portrayed by connecting the book, The Kite Runner, to the real world.
In A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream the general theme of being mislead is a very strong theme, whether it be that a character was misled, or that someone took actions because they acted on emotions and misled them from doing what was right. An example of this is in act two, scene one, when Puck bragged about misleading the night wanderers. The parallel between this and life is that we are like the night wanderers, we trust people who seem to know what their doing or who seem to be reliable, but that isn 't always such a good idea. This results in us being misled and us being blind to the idea of that we are too trusting and that not everyone has the intentions to lead us on the right path.…

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