The Kite Runner Father Son Relationship Analysis

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This is a book about the relationship between father and son. Baba blames Amir for his mother death… throw it Amir changes feeling when he grows up and changes that has affected him by where he lives at. Baba and Amir attitude changes throw the book when Baba gets really sick and Amir there to help him throw it their relationship starts to become stronger.after Baba dies.. Amir behavior come from Baba and they way Baba treated Amir. Amir will do anything to help his dad like him and love him. But Baba is mad and hates Amir for killing his wife. In the Kite runner by Khaled Hosseini. The book is about how Amir and Baba doesn 't have the great best talking to each other and father and son relationship together is not the best together at all.
In the beginning of the book Amir feelings are sad and mad because he loves his father very much but his father doesn 't really love him. Baba blaming his wife death on Amir. Amir tries to do everything so his father loves him. But his father is mad at
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Amir attitude changes throughout the novel of “The Kite Runner’ by Khaled Hosseini. In the beginning he doesn 't listen to anyone that well and gets into trouble a lot. At the end of the book Amir changes attitudes and become more like Baba after Baba died he remembers everything that his father taught him though his life.Amir learn from his father that he love him and how to become a bigger man and stand up for what is right. Amir change throw how because he was howards but his father taught him how to not be a howard and to be a men. Also how to help other people from any dangerous things. Baba change at the end he love his son and saw the true life of death before he died.. But on the other way Baba was learning something different before dying or anything about having relationship with his son. Baba was upset with Amir because he kill his wife after giving birth to him and Baba blame Amir for killing him but it wasn 't Amir fault because it happens in the real world

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