A Mental Disorder And Mental Illness Essay

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Every day at school, Veronica peers bullied her because she was different. Veronica knew that they did not understand what she went through, except for one boy. That one boy, also suffered from depression and knew how hard her life was. Waking up was a struggle for her because she took Prozac, a medication used to treat a mental illness, and it made her feel like she was not alive (“Suicide and Antidepressants”). She would walk to the bathroom and just stare at her wrist. Veronica did not tell her mom or dad what she felt like when taking her medicine. As Veronica made her last cut on her wrist, and she made a mistake and cut her artery. The guy who was always nice to her, realized that she suffered from a mental disorder, called depression. A mental disorder and a mental illness, can both be used to describe depression (Beck and Alford 2). The feeling of being sad and a person having a “blue” moment, out of nowhere, while dealing with this mental disorder is something that most people are used to (Berlatsky 18). A “blue” moment is when somebody becomes depressed out of the ordinary and stays that way for a while. Society, today, thinks that depression is a cry for attention, but depression is much more than a cry for attention. In the twenty-first century, society has portrayed many mental disorders as just seeking attention, however, not everyone knows that a mental disorder or mental illness is a very serious condition. As years prolonged from the first clinical trial,…

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