Anxiety Vs Anxiety

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Anxiety and Depression are very alike in the way they are treated. Sometimes depression and Anxiety are even paired together in a person because of their similarities. Depression is an illness that includes the way a person thinks, feels, and functions. These things affect, how they sleep, eat, feels about him/herself, and thinks about other people and things. Depression is not the same as sadness. Depression, should also not be mistaken for personal weakness or something that can be easily taken care of. People with this illness have a hard time dealing with themselves and it is a complicated process to get better. Depression like other illnesses may last for day, weeks, months, or years depending on the person affected. Anxiety is when the …show more content…
There are three main ways these mental illnesses are treated. The three ways are talk therapy, medication, and changing lifestyles. The way people are treated all depends on how the mental illness is affecting their daily life functions.
Talk therapy is different for depression and Anxiety, but that is because they are not the same and don't cause the came cognitive problems. For anxiety, you talk to a therapist about what is worrying you. For depression, you talk to a therapist about what is causing your sadness. In both of the talk therapies, the therapist is there to help you change your mood. For anxiety, they teach you skills on how to stop those worries for having an effect on your daily life. For depression, they talk to you and are there to support you. They talk to you about your day or your weak and let you express how you feel.
Changing your lifestyle is a very effective treatment and is super healthy and easy. Thing such as getting some exercise, prioritizing your sleep, relaxing, and making sure what you put in your body's health can help anxiety and depression. The ways these work are by changing your focus and putting it on activities. This is sometimes all that needs to be
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There is no way to medically test if someone is depressed. The way depression is diagnosed is from the patient giving the doctor self-reported symptoms. This is dangerous because once a patient convinces the doctor they are depressed they can be prescribed an antidepressant. What if they weren't feeling as well as they wanted to? This question is just one of the many that led psychologist to study this topic. In a study done at the Bloomberg School’s Department of Mental Health studied adults with clinician-identified depression. Ther assessed for major depressive episodes using an interview, and only about 40% percent of the adults met the criteria. Also while they did this study they realized that many of the people who didn't meet the criteria were given antidepressants that were unnecessary. Overdiagnosis of depression can cause the person without it think they are worse off than they are. This is not okay because it is just overthinking normal problems people. Overdiagnosis causes harmful emotions, sometimes because of their own thought, but mainly

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