A Memorable Death Bed Essay

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A Memorable Death Bed It is never promised exactly when a life will be taken from us, but it is absolutely promised that one day- it will be. Whether it is a family member, friend, pet, or ourselves. What is to be expected from us is acceptance and understanding. Everything happens for a reason, even though there won’t always be an explanation for it. On a typical Sunday afternoon, I was at my best friend’s house. This was our normal routine. I would come over to play, or we would spend some time outdoors. My grandparents lived right next to her. During that time, it was perfect. We decided to pick up a soccer ball from her garage and take it outside. Our faces widened with excitement as we slipped into our shoes. “Last one there is a rotten egg!” she blurted out. “Hey, no fair! I’m not done yet!” I finally stood up from her porch and noticed my other grandpa carrying my little sister right across from us. They were waiting on my grandparent’s porch for some reason. What was the matter? Was there something wrong? The look on his face seemed oddly convincing. I threw my hand up and gave him a firm, grand wave. “Hello, Tatang! I’m going to play soccer!” It was four o’clock in the afternoon and I was feeling absolutely content. “Maybe he could even …show more content…
It was now a quiet evening once everything settled down. I sat on the couch and comforted my mother. I didn’t enjoy seeing her so hurt, nor did I enjoy seeing everyone else this way. This was a complete nightmare. “She’s in a better place.” we all reminded each other. Tiny smiles started to pop up here and there, as we attempted to turn this negative event into a positive one. I knew for a fact that my family is strong. This was a sensitive day that saddened all of us, although we are fighters that can stay strong for her. If my grandma was still here, she would want us to be joyful for her. My grandma, Corazon, would want us to be smiling and not

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