A Map Of The Brain Essay

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The first video, titled “A Map of the Brain” featuring Allan Jones had the main focus of the significance of obtaining knowledge and understanding of the human brain. He begins to explain neurons, synapses, proteins, and the genomes which are encoded in said proteins. He goes on to say that the genomes carry 23 chromosomes which carry “roughly” 25,000 genes; his lab team has the project of looking at the readout of the genes and figuring out how the nature of the underlying chemistry in cells is dictated by each gene and if it is turned on. From the data collected in the project, scientists determined such things as the side effects of the use of the drug Prozac as well as which genes are turned on during use. Another significant discovery was the fact that human genomes are all 99% similar which means that all humans are very similar at the genetic level. I feel that the importance of this video should be drawn to the fact that scientists have just begun to barely scratch the surface of the brain, just like our oceans. There is a very long way to go before we can grasp full knowledge of the brain and its functions, flaws, importance, and sheer magnitude of its components. The main idea that I pulled from this video was that humans, no matter how or where we live, our experiences, our upbringing, or the color of our skin does not matter in the sense that we are all very, very similar on a genetic level. We each go about our lives not understanding the similarities we have…

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