A Map Of The Aztec Empire Essays

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A map of the Aztec empire is a tricky thing to understand, because the nations of Central Mexico didn 't have exact borders as countries often do today. Instead, the Aztec empire was more an alliance of city-states. Each of these cities had an area of influence and control. Also, the areas of Aztec influence differed in that some areas were areas of direct control, other areas involved city-states that paid tribute, and other areas were alliances of other types.
The most common crop grown by the Aztecs was maize, also known as corn, and it was also the most important. Maize could be stored for long periods of time, and in addition to being eaten as it was, it could be ground into flour and made into other foods. Squash was another important crop in Aztec agriculture. There are many varieties of squash that were utilized by Aztec farmers based on how they could be best used as a food source. The pumpkin, for example, was used often because its seeds provided a great deal of protein. And the bottle gourd was grown because after being eaten, it could be used as a water container. Beans are another crop that provides protein for the Aztec people, so this crop was commonly found in chinampas. However, the Aztec farmers also grew avocados, tomatoes, and guavas, among others, as food sources, and used cotton plants and rubber trees to create products they needed like clothing and latex balls.
The Aztecs influenced today 's life greatly. Aztec customs are still used in…

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