A Man Of No Importance Essay

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A Man of No Importance
While watching “A Man of No Importance,” written by Terrence McNally and directed by Amanda Wansa Morgan, my eyes were opened to having empathy for those who feel as though they have lived their lives in a prison. The production was vivid with a wonderful aura about itself, and I enjoyed the scenery as well as the music aspect. The music, which was written by Stephen Flaherty and directed by Alexander Crosett, gave the play a lighter touch for such a heavy subject. Whenever things would get serious in this play, the music would brighten the tone.
This play portrayed a man— Alfie Byrne— average, nice, well-known, yet passionate. He is going through the motions in life without one person. That one person he is longing for is someone to love, or as he put it, “cuddle.” His sister, Lily, is wanting him to grow up and marry someone so that she is able to marry the man she loves, Mr. William Carney. She pushes Alfie on to the new woman in town, Miss Adele Rice. While Alfie appreciates her and thinks she is very sweet, he is not attracted to women. It is not until the climax of the play that the audience gains the information that he is attracted to men. After being shunned from his traditional Catholic town in late 20th century Ireland because of “making a move” on a man in a bar, he finds who is real friends are. They show up for him and his play production even after he came out and showed his true feelings about the gender he is attracted to. The play…

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