A Man First Shot His Mother With A Marlin Essay

962 Words Jan 12th, 2016 4 Pages
Jhaneidy Checo
CRT / Prof. Boluch
Winter '16
Hi Senator Dianne Feinstein,
A man first shot his mother with a Marlin .22, where he then took a vehicle and transported firearms to a school. He brought his weapons onto school grounds – breaking the law – and throughout his journey to every classroom, murdered children and teachers. How would you react if you were one of the teachers who could have stopped this man on the act? This was the Sandy Hook Elementary school shoot out, and Adam Lanza had no compassion. This individual 's state of mind was unstable, therefore he shouldn 't have had access to guns. Consequently, before owning a gun or having a gun in a household, you should impose psychological exams, apart from background checks to ensure the proper use of guns. Your proposition to take guns off the streets completely, empowers those whose intent is to break the law, and leaves everyone else who doesn 't have a gun without protection. Gun control legislation’s conflict with the right of law abiding citizens to bear arms.
Our political system is trying to subvert the constitution. Guns are constitutionally guaranteed to law-abiding citizens, under the right to “keep and bear Arms, [which] shall not be infringed” (2nd amendment). You introduced the S.150 Bill, in 2013, to ban assault weapons, “to ensure that the right to bear arms is not unlimited” (GOP 2013), but it does go against our constitutional rights. My family are responsible gun owners, under their 2nd amendment…

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