A Main Cause Of The Civil War Essay

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A main cause of the Civil War:
Did you ever hear of a war without a cause? Almost every war in history has had a reason for its outbreak. The Civil War had many brinks that led the nation to battle but they all had a common thread, the issue of slavery.
Slavery began in the early sixteen hundreds in the colony of Jamestown. From Angola, approximately thirty African Americans were sold as slaves to the colonists of Jamestown. This eventually led itself to many more colonies (later states) to trade for slaves. The slaves were brought to work on farms that grew a number of different crops, such as tobacco and sugar. These crops were traded with the European countries that lacked such produce to their cold climate. They helped American plantation owners reap a fortune free of charge. Slaves were known as the “peculiar institution” as John C. Calhoun from South Carolina. (“Causes of the Civil War”) They were considered property just a little better than livestock.
In the eighteen hundreds north and south colonies had very different outlooks on the issue of slavery. Anti slavery were the northerners due to the fact that they were busy with the machine age economy such as textile factories that relied on waged workers not slaves. They did not need slaves for their economy so they fought a war to free them. On the other hand the southerners relied on slaves tremendously due to their farming economy. The south made huge profits from the cotton, it was known as “King Cotton.”…

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