Essay on A Long Debate Between Republicanism And Free Speech

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In 2009, Citizens United, a conservative nonprofit organization, filed a law suit against the Federal Election Commission; the case went to the Supreme Court, who ruled in Citizens United’s favor. This case reignited a long debate between republicanism and free speech. The rise of the Industrial Revolution led to several concerns over the corporal influences and the quid pro quo corruption in politic. Since President Teddy Roosevelt’s administration, Congress has imposed regulations on the finance of federal election campaign to prevent such corruption, such as the Federal Corrupt Practices Act, the Federal Elections Campaign Act, and the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act (BCRA), which banned “electioneering communication” within 30 days of the primary election (). In the 2008 election, Citizens United broadcasted a movie that named Hilary Clinton within the 30 days interval; anticipating that the movie would be deemed illegal under BCRA, Citizens United, successfully, challenged the Act for unconstitutionally violate the free press right. The court decided to uphold First Amendment rights and struck down government’s effort to maintain an “honest” republic. There are people who disagree with the ruling. Nevertheless, the Supreme Court had ruled correctly because the freedom of free speech is an essential aspect to the republicanism and the democracy of the American government.
Some argued that allowing free flow of money in political campaign make it easier to…

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