A Literacy Narrative That Has Racism Shaped My Life? Essay

947 Words Dec 1st, 2016 4 Pages
In this portfolio, I have included the following papers for your enjoyment, “Contemporary Culture”, “I Believe” and, “American Apparel”, all of which I have written this semester Fall 2016 for English 101.028: First-Year Composition I at Waubonsee Community College. Each of my papers demonstrates how I have became a better writer, and since I have taken this course I have enjoyed writing more. Each one of these papers are unique in their very own way.

While writing assignment two, “How do I fit in to Contemporary Culture?” Made me think a lot about how society now still likes to isolate one another based on ethnicity, gender and, social status. In this paper I had to write a literacy narrative that narrates my cultural identity. Some example questions that were given to help me think about this issue were, “What advantages do I have because I live in a suburb or city?” and “How has racism shaped my life?” This essay was my favorite to write because I had experience first hand racism when I was in fourth grade. I could have written ten pages if I wanted to. It was such an emotional time for me that still sticks with me to this day.

Since it was my first paper I had imagined myself earning a C. In High School all I would ever earn was a solid C on essay’s. To my astonishment I had earned a 95 percent, A. I was thrilled beyond belief because I always thought I was a horrible writer. From writing this paper I have learned that constantly editing is never a bad thing,…

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