Essay A Life Beyond Do What You Love

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Choosing a career is not always based on what someone is greatly passionate about. It can be about the pay rate, the hours or even the environment. Gordon Marino author of "A Life Beyond Do What You Love", published in 2014 in the New York Times, believes that people should not only do what they love but perform something that can benefit society or their families. Mariano is a professor of philosophy, a student advisor and a community volunteer. He began to realize that when advising students, he would always tell them to do what they love even though in reality they did not know what they loved to do. He wanted to make the world realize that adults need to advise students with a better method. Telling young adults this advice is setting them up to fail, when they go out into the real world its not always about doing what someone loves.This advice models to young adults that they only can choose a career based on what they love to do, which is not the case in reality. Dr. Marino appeals to authority, uses anecdotes, hypophora and procatalepsis, which effectively persuade advisors or mentors to not suggest to their advisees to choose a career based on what they are absolutely passionate about. Gordon Marino strengthens his argument by using a rhetorical device called hypophora. He asks numerous questions which help to prove that the audience 's should believe Marino 's argument. "But is ' do what you love ' wisdom or malarkey?"(Page 1 ), "But is it ethical for the doctor…

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