A Life Beyond ' Do What You Love ' Essay examples

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Have you ever thought about whether you should do what you love in life, or if what you would love to do would be enough to support you or a family? In Gordon Marino’s “A Life Beyond ‘Do What You Love’” Marino discusses that people look to pursue what they love in life, and whether this is always the best course of action. As Marino goes further in his essay, the idea is brought forth that doing what you love in life is not always the rational choice, but doing what is necessary to support yourself and a family, if you have one of course. Marino’s essay has the intended audience of those in the more adult phase of life, as the essay does not particularly address younger readers, who would still be in middle school, high school, etc. Gordon Marino is an extremely credible author, as it states at the end of his essay that Marino is a college professor in philosophy at “St. Olaf College.” The purpose of Marino’s argument is debatable, one cannot be certain as to whether Marino intends to encourage or discourage his audience to do what they love in life, but it seems more likely that Marino is trying at the latter. Marino effectively argues that people should do what needs to be done and not just what they love with the use of appeal to emotion, anecdotes, appeal to authority. and rhetorical questions. Marino mainly uses the appeal to emotion in his essay, which is effective in boosting the argument in terms of morality. Marino uses appeal to emotion when discussing the poor…

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