A Liberal Education Essay

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The United States has been thought of as the place where dreams come true, yet many in this country are in poverty and do not receive the education they deserve. Without the skills an education gives us, impoverished people have no hope for their dreams to ever come true. How do these people overcome poverty to lead them to all the possibilities education gives? Earl Shorris in his article, “On the Uses of a Liberal Education as a Weapon in the Hands of the Restless Poor,” does exactly that by directing us to a solution to end poverty.

At the beginning of Shorris’s article, he meets a prison inmate by the name of Viniece Walker, otherwise known as Niecie to her friends. The crime in which Niecie was put into prison for is never revealed, but we are given the information that she lived in Harlem, was involved with crack houses, had a violent relationship, was HIV positive and most importantly of all was a high school dropout. Niecie still had the toughness that helped her survive on the streets. What really caught Shorris attention about Niecie is the college degree she received while in prison in psychology and the fact that she took a special interest in philosophy.

Shorris had one question in mind while he was talking to Niecie and that was, “Why do you think people are poor?”(1). Her answer was to teach people the “moral life of downtown”(2) by taking them to concerts, plays, lectures, and museums. What she meant by this is you can’t just directly take someone out of…

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