Essay about A Liberal Arts Education Is An Education

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A liberal arts education is an education that teaches arts, sciences, and humanities. Many people have their opinions on the value of having a liberal arts degree. Some college students believe that following the career track is the only way you can be successful. As opposed to going to a vocational school or pursuing a career in liberal arts. While other college students feel that pursing a liberal arts degree can not only make them successful in their career but can also educate them on how to communicate effectively and how to think critically. In my opinion, I think that whether a student wants to pursue a career in liberal arts depends on the person. Charles Murray and Stanford J. Ungar, authors who wrote about higher education, have different views on pursuing a career in liberal arts. Murray, author of “Are Too Many People Going to College” believes that most students should not purse a liberal arts education, but however, Ungar, author of “The New Liberal Arts”, advocates for liberal arts. A liberal arts education can be beneficial to college students who feel unsure about a specified career. Following and career path education would be valuable to those who know what they want to do with their major. An average college student’s perspective believes that following a career path is the only way to be successful in their career. Opposed to following a career path, there is a vocational and liberal arts education. Following the career path is going to a four year…

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