Essay about A Leader Among Leaders By Nelson Mandela

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Samantha Otis
English 12, Block 3
Critical Research Essay

A Leader Among Leaders

In South Africa, the word “Rolihlahla” roughly translates to troublemaker. Coincidently that is what Nelson was named, and turned out to be. Born into the Madiba clan in the Mvezo village, of Transkei, on July 1918, Rolihlahla Mandela came to be one of history’s greatest leaders. Given the name Nelson, due to a custom to give all school children “Christian” name, Mandela would soon come to be known world-wide. From his early studies at Clarkebury Boarding Institute, and commitment to the African National Congress, he became largely invested in politics. Little did he know that he would be fighting one of the biggest social issues of his time and changing his country one movement at a time. By his passion for change, his leadership, and his persistent dedication towards his goals, Nelson Mandela had rejected the ideals and morals of his time. From labeled terrorist to South African president, Nelson Mandela changed the course of history for South African people. Though Mandela had been known as the most famous prisoner of the Apartheid government, he was also fairly tried and convicted of the involvement in many murders, and had also confessed to participation in 156 acts of terror, crimes of which all would be punishable by death in many countries. One act of confessed terrorism he partook in is the many “necklacing’s” that took place by the African Nation Congress party which was…

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