A Kantian World With Moral Laws Essay

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In a Kantian world with moral laws, capital punishment does not seem to be a theoretical solution for punishing murders. But when someone does commit murder those individuals render their rights, and henceforth would acknowledge their action with consequences, such as capital punishment. Jeffrey H. Reiman presents various argument against the use of capital punishment with no adequate evidence of effectiveness.
Capital punishment is a reasonable method to punish offenders for crimes committed, and is used for extremes heinous acts; it is also used under great scrutiny. Instead, Jeffrey H. Reimn conveys the notion of any violation of moral duties should be dealt with that same manner to the offender. If a victim was rape, then the offender should be raped as well. While this type of thinking is not entirely incorrect, but in a Kantian world it would have be proportionate. Thus, if victim was rape, then the offender would have to undergo a punishment that would suffice for the crime committed. The offender of the rape could be punished by being sentence to a reasonable time in incarceration. Therefore, the process of punishment does not have to fit what actions the violator performed on the victim. The rape scenario would be an extreme circumstance but if the scenario it was lighten up such as jay walking. The whole idea of jay walking would be looked foolish in comparison. The punishment cannot be to jay walked, so this application only be used on serious offensive crimes.…

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