Haag's Arguement Of Capital Punishment In The United States

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Throughout history there have been more than fourteen hundred executions in the United States. In the western hemisphere the United States is the only western democracy with capital punishment. Capital punishment is the use of murder as deterrence. In the United States there are thirty-one out of fifty states that have the death penalty. Capital punishment is normally given to bigger crime cases as a way to put an end. There are many concerns and beliefs that people have over when it comes to should capital punishment be allowed. Two philosophers argued their difference on the belief of capital punishment Van Den Haag’s argues that capital punishment should be allowed while Rieman disagrees.
Van Den Haag believes that there are four reasons
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He also argues how does Van Den Hagg know there is a sign being sent when executing a person. Rieman spends the majority of the time arguing against the points that Van Den Hagg brings up. He believes a message can be sent without having to execute. He also believes that in order to have a civil society people should not execute. But he also states that an assaulter should be beating. Which to Van Den Hagg believe is the same type of punishment that is given to people who kill others.
Both men have very strong arguments on why we should or shouldn’t have capital punishment. For myself I have to say I agree with Van Den Hagg he has strong arguments on why people should be executed. I believe it depends on the crime if we have a serial killer who is being considered for execution I believe he should receive it because he has ended multiple lives and I do not believe that time in jail will help them learn there lesson. However if its a person who just murder one person and the crime wasn’t so serious then maybe this one person should spend sometime in
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capital punishment should be taken into consideration only for serious crimes and should be used equally. If there are multiple people committing the same crime they should all receive the same punishment not one gets capital punishment and the others get time in jail. When a person is considering using capital punishment they should refer to the points of both Rieman and Van Den Hagg who both proved good points on why it should be used and why it should not be

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