A Interview With Caty Heron Essay

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Codeswitching is a common occurrence in everyday life. Humans never realize they are changing the way they speak and act towards specific people. Codeswitching is using code in mutually exclusive settings (Lavenda, 2003). To see how people interact in contrasting social roles, I interviewed three young women, all at different stages in their lives. The first interview was with Caty Heron. I met Caty at the beginning of the school year. She is twenty years old and currently my resident assistant. Next, I met with Karen Smith, who I also met at the beginning of the school year. She is nineteen years old and in my sociology lecture. Regina George is fifteen, she is a close relative I have known for a long time. Caty and Karen gave more in depth answers than Regina did. I believe they gave more in depth answers because they are more mature and think more logically than Regina, who is a few years younger than them. Regina was interviewed in a home, while Caty and Karen were interviewed in an academic setting. This could affect the outcome of the answers because Caty and Karen knew this would be for academic research, but Regina was in a more relaxed setting, so she might not have given one hundred percent at explaining her thoughts. Although girls are similar in many ways, they are all unique based on how they were raised, and where they are at currently in their lives. Caty Heron is a resident assistant, sister, daughter, aunt, catholic, friend, and student. As a resident…

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