A Interview Of Dr. Kim Cameron Essay

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This is an interview of Dr. Kim Cameron who has been serving as the William Russell Professor of Management and Organizations at Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. He is also the co-founder of Positive Organizational Scholarship (Polly). In this paper, the researcher would provide the summary and comment on using ethical theories and terms used in class.
While interviewing from Dr. Kim Cameron, the answer of the first question was very interesting. When it was asked that what subjects were businesses most attracted to? He gave an interesting answer. He said that bottom line is the driver. Further he said that “If I do not achieve profit, return to share, then I am not doing my job. I will not last, nor will the organization.” He believes in positive approach and does not like gratitude that is for payoff and takes it as a manipulation. Further, he tells that any organization may grow and earn money but he thinks that actual practices improve when the organizational outcomes improve too. During his interview he also states that kindness and helpfulness are best virtues and believes that Positive Organizational Scholarship is more important for positive psychology. He believes in optimism and in adopting the positive attitude and moving forward. He also tells about the research in business that business is usually hesitant in paying for the research, so, they depend on the longitudinal methods and states that positive practices result in positive outcomes.…

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