Essay on A House Full Of Parents, Children, And Grandchildren

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A house full of parents, children, and grandchildren is an interesting place; especially my home. The age is anywhere between sixty-five to one. The parents are sixty-four and sixty two, the children are: forty-two, thirty-eight, seventeen, and seven. The grandchildren are twenty-four, nineteen, four, and one.
Our house has a first floor and a basement. I walk through the front door, immediately step into the our living room; with a television to the left, and chair straight ahead, and a couch to the right. I walk slightly to the right, seeing our dining room and pantry. I walk into the dining room, seeing our kitchen to the left; backdoor to the right, fridge to the left, and everything else on or under the counters: such as the dishwater and oven. There is also a hallway, with a small closet being the first door on the right, including a bathroom being the second door, and the master bedroom at the end of the hall on the right side. The left side includes two doors: the first room being the study and nursery, and the second being my little brother’s room. My room is in the basement. The basement includes two rooms and a large living space, which I use for my room. The rooms are the laundry room and exercise room. The first door, walking down the stairs, is the laundry room: then if I continued, I would walk past my room and come to the second door; the exercise room.
Two children have moved out and started families, while two are currently living there: me and my little…

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