Essay about A Hot Sweaty Day At Golden Gate Park

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It was a hot sweaty day in Golden Gate Park. I walked on the edge of a pond while my twin ran after a flock of pigeons my father in hot pursuit. Alone I became entranced with the way the water and the light played off each other. I kneeled down to look more closely at my reflection. I was five and already fascinated by light. As I got closer to my reflection, I fell. As I sank, I remembered the serenity of watching the light interact with the water. I was calm. Then a figure entered the water my dad jumped in. I went back to the pond six months later. My dad had left the country so I was there with a babysitter now. Some one had been murdered and their body left in the pond, so it was drained. Despite the morbid alterations to the pond, I jumped into the soggy remains with my twin and collected a dragon-hoard of old toys. No one ran in after us, I wouldn’t see my dad again for sixteen years. I feel as though there is a lot I could say in the way of grabby titles to indicate the strengths and weakness of my upbringing in this essay. A poor, biracial, first generation child from the projects of California raised in a single parent household. A kid who went to inter-city schools and didn’t learn how to read or what subtraction was until 10. A queer youth going to high school in a white hetero-dominant suburb of Boston. Or maybe, an ambitious young man trying to find out what it means to live life with integrity. I do not want to be a stereotype, an amount of hours on a…

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