A Great Person Under The Religious Beliefs That Can Be With The Children

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As a great person under the religious beliefs that you set your mind to, you will treat and respect others thru the power of a God. Wayne believes that God will provide the tools needed to keep Wat Opot running. Kids in Wat Opot are dying every day and the Beliefs that Wayne has impacts them because he knows that God will be with each of them. Things that we value become our destiny and from that point, Both Gail, Wayne accepts the challenge of keeping these children alive and healthy. Fact proven that Wayne knows God will be with the children because he turned down a five-thousand dollar offer from a foreign donor because of consequences it might have. (Gutradt 136)
Together with, Gutradt says “Wayne told many stories, the primary one being that he decided early on to dedicate his life to God and service, and never wanted to disappoint a wife or family or neglect those he had promised God to serve. If Wayne’s circle of friends evolves around missionaries and Evangelical Christians affects him, so he could expose the children to this belief of God. (Gutradt 115) A rule in the bible is obeyed by Wayne stating “I believe we should judge a tree by its fruit but they say that requires making judgement and only God can judge”. (Gutradt 116) This Rule impacts the children because they’ll realize that not one soul of God shall be judged because their all not perfect. In order for this to be confirmed, you have to ask for forgiveness and accept Jesus as your savior.
Despite Wayne…

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