A Good Test Taker Is What Makes Me Smart? Essay

1095 Words Jun 6th, 2016 null Page
How would you define someone who is well-educated? Would you base your definition and judgement based off of the school a person went to, or the highest level of degree in which they received? Is a person smart and intelligent because of the grades they received on assignments? Or would you base a person’s smartness off of their ability to memorize facts and relay them to you? In the past I have gotten straight A’s and numerous academic awards. While these are accomplishments, I do not believe being a good test taker is what makes me smart. Yes, I work hard in school, but I also can memorize things rather easily. I can look at something and then relay it back to you, but that’s not a judgement of my intelligence, but rather a judgement of my memorization skills. In saying all of this, I am not analyzing myself as a person who just memorizes the facts and does not care about the underlying concepts, but rather, its stands as an example as to how receiving an education, getting good grades, or even having a degree does not equal “educated”. I think well-educated means how you apply what you have learned in your studies and how you use it. How you let what you learned challenge the way you think and how you refuse to give up until you understand every concept and reasoning of the fact at hand. When I first use to think of someone well educated, I looked to see what degrees were in their names, but being well educated is so much more than what certifications a person had; it’s…

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