Essay on A Good Standard Of Quality Teaching

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Main findings
From the report, Ofsted gathered that Rokesly Infants School offers a good standard of quality teaching and also exceptional care for pupils. The school lives up to their motto, ‘At Rokesly every child matters in every way’. Ofsted also found that parent/carers were equally pleased with the ‘balance between learning and other enrichment activities’ which was a statement stated by a parent and confirmed by the inspectors. Much of the success from the school was mainly due to the effective and gentle administration that the head teacher and leadership team possess who have a firm understanding of the schools strengths and weaknesses due to accurate self-evaluations.
Ofsted also wrote that although the population of the school is changing, Rokesly has managed to preserve their good standards. The head teacher and school governors continuously recognise where improvements are necessary in order to ensure all pupils achieve their potential and enjoy learning. The school also has a good capacity for improvements.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage, the children are given an excellent starting point for the required levels of education and many reach and exceed the expected levels for their age at the start of year 1. In and throughout KS1 the school builds upon their good level of attainment and progress which is evident by their year 2 students being above average in reading and mathematics and broadly in writing. The schools good self-evaluation skills are…

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