A Good Man Is Hard To Find Speech

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In the narrative “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” by Flannery O’Connor a road trip on the way to vacation turns for the worst. While on the way to Florida for vacation with her son’s family the grandmother wants to stop and see her old house, so they turn around and proceed down a dirt road, then suddenly they get in a car accident and the car flips. Then an escaped serial killer shows up and kills them all due to what the grandma says to him. In this story the author uses speech, thoughts and emotions, and behavior to show that the grandma isn’t ordinary. The speech of the grandma in this reading is unbelievably strange, there are several different instances in this story were the grandmas choice of words shows how unordinary she is. To start off the grandma is very judgmental as she makes several racist comments during the story, for example the grandma said this “... watermelon every Saturday …show more content…
The grandma really wants to see her old house and so she fibs and tells them that there was hidden silver still in the house, “not telling the truth but wishing that she were, “and the story went that all the family silver was hidden in it when Sherman came through but it was never found…”” (O’Conner 548) After they had turned around and proceeded down the road of her old house she then realized the house was in Tennessee, not Florida. She was too embarrassed to say anything and then they crashed, which could have been prevented if the grandma would not let her emotions get the best of her. Moving on, at the end of the story the grandma thinks her being a lady will stop the Misfit from killing her “I know you wouldn’t shoot a lady!” (O’Conner 553) The embarrassment and her thoughts are why she is blamed for the death of her family. The grandmas emotions and the way she thinks is that of a selfish young lady in which the grandma is

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