A Free And Democratic Society Essay

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In a free and democratic society, the belief that people should be treated in a manner that is fair and equitable is a fundamental principle. A peace-loving liberal democracy such as Canada intends to apply the rule of law to all of its citizens. For most social and political issues, this is the case; a social need is often followed by a solution from the government that has equitable and fair applications. Historically, the marginalization of minority groups has been a pressing and contentious issue within the country. Not long ago, women were not able to vote, and blacks were not able to go to school with whites. Since these were deemed to be grossly unfair bereavements of fundamental rights, legislative changes were made to ensure that these groups would be treated the same as all other citizens. It can be said that as time goes on, Canada progresses more and more towards a platform in which all citizens can have their values supported and understood. However, it is apparent that the government’s response to the needs of Aboriginal groups has not been ideal. In fact, it has been consistently characterized by cultural misunderstanding and marginalization. As a result, a significant amount of suffering exists within indigenous communities in Canada. Poverty is becoming an increasing problem, and the issue of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls is prevalent (Alam, 2015). The source of the issues within indigenous communities is partially tied to the…

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