A Few Observations That I Took From This Book Essay

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A few observations that I took from this book include the following:
Washington D.C. was built on a landfill, mostly made up of swamp and corpses.
The boarding houses for the Congress members sound a lot like houses at Hogwarts.
No matter where you are, or what you do, there will always being grouping of people into “us” and “them.”
The most enjoyable part of this book is the first couple of chapters that describe what a crap-hole Washington D.C. was during this time. When most people think of D.C. now, it is flashes of large white buildings and politicians in designer suits in a hurry to meetings. The Washington D.C. that is described is not so beautiful, “Epidemics of fever were chronic, abetted by ‘several immense excavations of brick yards always full of green stagnant water…and numerous dead carcasses left to putrify,’ and by the sluggish Tiber which fed mosquito-infested marshes” (page 42). Along with the scenic views that and unpaved roads that Washington D.C. had to offer brand new leaders of a fledgling of country. Many leaders were forced to abandon families, careers and basic comforts to run the government. “Politics was a vocation pursed at the cost of ‘abandonment of our professions or occupations, and the consequent derangement of our private affairs.’…the highest prize to be won - the Presidency- was but a ‘feast for eight years, and a famine for the residue of life’” (page 52). With little suitable housing, Congressmen roomed together in boardinghouses, if…

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