A Farewell Of Arms Is A Common Theme As It Shows Readers Love And War

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In Hemingway’s novels, love and war is a common theme as it shows readers love in a different situation; one of danger and jeopardy. A Farewell to Arms is a widely known novel featuring this as Fredric Henry and Catherine Barkley share a romance during WWI. During war there are many hardships that come along with a relationship. There are unpredictable events such as ambushes, fatalities on the battle field, and many more. These things can get in the way of a relationship as with so much going on, it is hard to find an intimate and safe moment to be together. The two cannot even marry because they would be sent away and not be able to be together. In A Farewell to Arms the tragedy of World War I leads to a difficult and restrained love between Fredric Henry and Catherine Barkley. Marriage during war time is looked down upon by commanding officers. They do not want a relationship getting in the way of an important mission or if one has to leave for another station there will be no emotional detachment from it. When Frederic mentions that he wants to get married legitimately, not just in their hearts, Catherine replies to Frederic that they would “send her away and if we merely started on the formalities they would watch her and would break us apart” (Hemingway 122). Although this seems threatening to the pair, there are reasons for the restrictions. If one of their nurses suddenly decides to get married, they lose an important part of their division. Without her they could…

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