A Dual Perspective Of Mental Health At Schools Case Study

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1. Introduction
a. Rise in mental disorders in children and adolescents since 1990s
b. 8-20% of adolescents yougher than 18 have a mental disorder
c. 11.7% of Israli adolecsents have a mental disorder
d. Posistive psychology may improve well-being and mental health
i. There is a shortage of empirically validadted positive psychology intervention ii. This study will contribute to ongoing scholarship in the area of school-based prevention of mental health problems by reporting the longitudinal effects of a novel positive psychology intervention to a middle school (Shosani, A. Steinmetz S. 2013)
2. A Dual Perspective of Mental Health at Schools
a. Increase in pressure to improve achievements through high academic accountablilty
i. Began with educational reform in US in the
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20% of 16-17 year olds have anxiety or mood disorder, disruptive d/o or substance abuse
2. 25% of American students report unhappy or terrible existence or high levels of negative school / family experiences
3. rate of mental health appears similar in Isreal
a. 11.7% of adolescents have a mental disorder
c. early 20th century studies indtify health and illness as two extremes
i. now we have a better understanding of well-being and ill-being ii. the absence of mental health does not imply high levls of positive mental health
d. Subjetive well-beling
i. Consisting of a cognitive and affective compontnet ii. Positive association between subetive well-being and their academic functioning, social competence, physicl health, achievement and behavior in school iii. High levels of subjective well-being correlate with better parental, teacher and peer relationships.
3. Promoting Posisitive Mental Health in Schoolchildren
a. Factors contributing to students subjective well-being
i. Positive emotions ii. Gratitude iii. Hope iv. Goal setting
v. Character strength
b. Daily exercises that can increase subjective well-being such as
i. Writing gratitude diaries ii. Writing about intensely positive

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