Essay on A Dream By Edgar Allen Poe

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In the poem “A Dream” written by Edgar Allen Poe. This poem talks about the real life and dreams and the anxiety, hope that anyone gets when dreaming, but wakes up knowing it was never true. The poem describes his dreams with all the sorrowful things and desolation such as the dreadful fear of reality. He awakes to notice that is wasn 't just a bad dream, it 's reality. It explains that sometimes a dream can be more heartbroken than a reality because usually, the dream is a hope to forget about the pain, escape the reality and imagine anything that dissociates from that pain. “A Dream” is one of the incredible poems by Edgar Allen Poe has written, that contains the character, theme, setting to fulfill the author’s purpose, to show the dream can cause hope, however, it can also be instigated sorrow.
 The main character in “A Dream” is a young man named Poe. The character reveals that he has been numbed by pain in his life to the effect that what he feels and told about the relation between the two stage walking and sleeping but isn’t just a pain. There was something more good in his past that explains that he chooses to focus on the whatever was good in the past. To the extent that he relegates life to the reality level of a dream, “According to Poe” “what is not a dream by day” (Allan). Poe acknowledges this fixation on the past might just be a dim flicker hope for his current state. However then, it is what cheered him and more importantly, it is the only…

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