A Diverse Workforce, Religion And Disability Essay

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Introduction When employees seek employment, they do so with the intent of performing well at their jobs, getting paid appropriately for their performance, and with the understanding that if they have a need that arises, their employer will try to accommodate them as best possible, if they have the means to do so. With a diverse workforce, religion and disability are two categories that will always vary among employees and how the company meets those needs. Companies are very diverse and with diversity come differences that everyone within the company must be aware of in order to be professional and respectful to everyone as not to offend anyone. Employers have to be mindful of the different religions and disabilities within their company and try to accommodate the religious beliefs and practices among their employees without causing harm or excessive costs to the company and its employees. While accommodations must be made, there are rules that must be abided by when making such accommodations.

Religious and Disability Accommodation Expectations
Companies have to make a reasonable accommodation towards its employees who have certain religious practices or disability that must be observed even while at the workplace. The company has to try to decrease the conflict between the employee’s religious practices or disabilities and the employee’s work duties in a way that won’t cause an undue hardship for the company or cause the employee to choose between their jobs and their…

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