Our Town And Blindness Play Analysis

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A Different Kind of Love

Love is a topic that has been explored infinitely through music, film, literature, art, and more. It's a feeling and as a result of the way it's carried out, it's a way of life. Although isolated the texts and themes of Our Town and Blindness appear very distinct, the author's purpose behind specific scenes are very parallel in their subject and allow for the significance behind each to compliment the other. The three-act play Our Town written by playwright Thornton Wilder follows the lives of ordinary citizens in the small town of Grovers Corners, New Hampshire during the early twentieth century. The play is divided into three acts, each involving an aspect of every life: daily life, love and marriage, and death. The novel Blindness by José Saramago captures the outbreak of a white blindness that forces hundreds to live together in a mental asylum, isolated by their blindness, discovering the best and worst of human nature. Through both Our Town and Blindness
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In Our Town the play is based in a state that has always been referred to as conservative during a time period where tradition and family values were predominant allows for the significance if George and Emily's love to go further than just the literal. It's not uncommon for teenagers to talk about their future because college and adulthood is closely approaching. Nor is it uncommon for childhood friends to fall in love. The purpose in Wilder's detail to setting is to effectively create love that follows that of their parents however loosely. Marriage is adulthood, it signifies maturity and stability, both of which don't classify teenagers. Thus effectively creating purpose in the young love that breaks from the advice and past of their parents to forge a new love successful despite its

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