Essay about A Day Without A Mexican

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In the film, A Day Without A Mexican, offers to demonstrate how the disappearance of Mexicans would lead to social, political, and economic consequences. Currently there is an estimated 12 million undocumented immigrants in the United States today and they have a profound impact on the US economy. Their contributions allows for our economy to benefit and grow. Illegal immigrants need to be recognized and given the opportunity to succeed and obtain a better life
A common argument made against illegal immigrants is that they undercut wages and take jobs away from Americans. Opposing parties do not take into account that the jobs immigrants takes are the ones most American citizens don’t want to do. While undocumented workers do provide low cost labor, it leads to more benefits for the US. For example, undocumented workers in low skill positions receive lower that it reduces the cost of production, which lead to low prices for the consumers.

Another argument made against illegal immigrant is that they don’t pay taxes and take advantage of government benefits. The truth is that many undocumented workers do pay taxes and are adding to the social security fund. According to a report from the National Council of La Raza, “undocumented workers already contribute about $8.5 billion into Social Security and Medicare each year in addition to paying sales and property taxes. Far from being freeloaders, they pay $80,000 more in taxes per capita during their working lives than they…

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