A Day With A Wild African Beast Or Crazed Ndebele Tribesman Essay

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I fling myself on the bed, finally able to relax. I have not just faced certain death from a wild African beast or crazed Ndebele tribesman, I have just finished dinner. It is 9pm, I have retired to my rondavel, to another lonely night after a luscious dinner of roast kudu, in a rich brown gravy accompanied by three vegetables from the farm garden. Desert was steamed golden syrup pudding and custard. The food was great, the meal atmosphere, for me, as always, a little tense. I am over aware of all the niceties of etiquette I have to observe, what obscure form of words or use of an implement have I forgotten or not learned? There is no malice in the way I am treated, my host, and employer are Rhodesian farmers, super aware of their place in the aristocracy of Rhodesia’s, rich farmer families of original settlers. Rhodesia does not have knights, lords, barons etc. with family trees of hundreds of years of tradition. Few of these families in Rhodesia have a history of more than a hundred years. Many, if not most, are from at best, middle class families or were officers in the British army. Some indeed may have records they are anxious to hide. I am not sure why but this colonial aristocracy are more British and more aristocratic in their behaviour than the British. Stanley and Joyce, the owners of the farm are in fact my great-uncle and aunt. Unfortunately, I am from the poor, for many years unacknowledged, arm of the family. My grandmother, Joyce 's sister,…

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