A Day With A Terrible Dye Job Essay

912 Words Sep 23rd, 2015 4 Pages
The first passenger he picks up is a fifty-something woman with a terrible dye job. She takes a look at his worn out nametag reading Ahmed and insecurity flashes in her crow’s feet eyes. He deduces that she has probably lost someone on 9/11, and schools his face into a modicum of civility. The journey buzzes with silence and unspoken blame. He drops her off in front of the Brooklyn Children’s Museum and says “thank you” at the same time she says “keep the change”. A brief thoughtful glance, and then she disappears into the New York smog. Ahmed gives the spare money to a homeless teenager on the way back to his damp apartment and buys a pack of cigarettes- 3 cents each- at the local corner store and looks up at the cement gray sky. It begins to rain. The second passenger he picks up smells like alcohol and trouble and the dirt roads of his village. He slurs his words as he directs Ahmed to the nearest hookah bar and scratches his arm incessantly throughout. Ahmed makes it a point to avoid conversation until they pull up to the flashing neon pink sign. Then he asks “Karachi or Lahore?” The stranger smiles a yellow-toothed smile and says “Delhi.” On his way back to his roach-infested flat, Ahmed helps an old man cross the street and receives a “God bless you” in response. He cannot help but think that anonymity is bliss. The third passenger he picks up is a Muslim like himself. His eyes are tired as he tells Ahmed to drive anywhere, just anywhere. Brooklyn passes…

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