Essay on A Day Of Celebration And Honor

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The setting was January 1937. Nazism was escalating and there were whispers of another ‘Great War’ on the horizon. The Dutch people were holding on to the hope that their neutrality would be honored as it was after the last ‘Great War’. Although, this was not to be the case, this day was a day of celebration and honor.
The ten Booms were a well-respected family that lived in the Dutch city of Haarlem, as their fathers had before them. The family operated a small watch shop from the first floor of their home on Bartheljorisstraat Street. Their home, known locally as the Beje, had been in their family for generations. The family had gathered to celebrate the hundred year anniversary of opening the watch shop. This was a great day to celebrate the honor of having Casper ten Boom in their lives. Corrie’s grandfather had opened the watch shop, and her father, Casper ten Boom now runs it. He is known and loved by all of Haarlem. He even has the distinction to be referred to as “Haarlem’s Grand Old Man” (20).
The ten Booms’ home, the Beje was actually two houses combined into one. The one that composed the front was of a typical old-Haarlem style home complete with three stories. It was two rooms deep while only one room wide. At some point, the front house was remodeled and the back wall was knocked out in order to join with the more narrow and steeper house in back. The house in back only consisted of three rooms, all on top of one another with a disharmonious…

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