A Day Is A Blessing Essay example

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Every day is a blessing to be grasped warmly and in any case, it is troublesome and perhaps difficult to focus on the importance of any minute. Consistently we are living against with circumstance and nobody can judge which experience will prompt an amazing thought or a notable career. When I was ten years old, I enlisted in another school. I later understood that I was different from other children. This made me less sure and segregated as a child. However, one day in the field as I was playing hopscotch alone, a girl named Juliet strolled up to me and inquired to join in. Notwithstanding the trouble in discourse, we could impart through gestures and expressions. She watched me and I watched her, in no time, we had invented a new version of the game. Others went along with us and I was snickering and playing with children whom I thought we did not have anything alike. I have gained such a great amount from Juliet, yet above all, I have learnt not to fear building associations with individuals who are not quite the same as me. Accordingly, I have delighted in numerous stunning and enhancing connections, which have added to my longing of working with others in Medicine.
One of such connections was with Brigit. Our relationship started when I volunteered to be her reader. At our initial meeting, she was eager to let me know about her new Personal Computer (PC) and a motion picture she had seen without referencing her visual deficiency. It dawned on me that pretty much as…

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