A Day At The Hospital Essay

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This is not your typical birth story, as I was not surrounded by friends and relatives or even the OB-GYN that had helped me plan the birth. My boyfriend, Troy, and I had spent the previous day at the hospital because I had an awful headache. After giving me a painkiller, the nurses sent me home and advised me to come back if a headache returned. Troy and I went home, ate dinner and took a nap. I woke up and my head was pounding again, so we headed for the hospital. We arrived a few minutes later and I was immediately hooked up to monitors.
Troy and I took full advantage of the cable TV and watched South Park while we listened to the steady beeping of the monitors. I was kind of freaked out because my head was killing me and I was worried. A nurse told me that everything was fine and that I was overreacting because I was excited to give birth. She told me to relax and to be patient for my son’s arrival. I was handed a discharge paper to sign. I could not argue with her, so I agreed. Halfway through scribbling my signature, I heard an alarm start ringing and lights started to flash on the monitors. I did not have time to react before a nurse covered my face with an oxygen mask. A minute or so later, the alarms stopped and the discharge form was taken from me. They informed me that my blood pressure was skyrocketing, which made my son’s heart rate drop. I understood what was happening and tried to stay calm.
Nurses tried inducing labor with intravenous medications. The…

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