Case Study: Cornerstone's Rich Picture

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Cornerstone’s Rich Picture
My organization is structured in a chain of command; although, Cornerstone is a small organization we have six board members and ten staff. In the Rich Picture, the five-black head figure represents our board members; they are responsible for the activities of the organization. Across from the board members, the yellow figures represent the youth. The youth are at the top with the board members because the organization is meant to serve both parties, but the youth is our priority.
Below the board members and the youth, the green heads are the executive director and the community relations manager. Cornerstone has one executive director and is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the center, which includes developing the business plan with board members, managing staff and collaborating with other agencies. The community relations manager is responsible for promoting and developing relationships in the community as well as to increase awareness of our programs. Our executive director and relation manager will also visit junior high schools within the district to promote our program.
The lighter green head figures are the Youth workers; Currently, we have a full-time youth worker team lead and a part-time youth worker. Our team leader is also responsible for the day-to-day operation
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In Cornerstone, this type of conflict happens almost on a weekly basis between the staff and the youth. Sometimes the youth’s preference and personality trait can contribute to the battle; for example, some youths are persistent and refused to listen to staff. They instead disregard the rules and do what they prefer, when the staff approaches and a confrontation occurs, it turns into a power struggle. Few of the youth will compromise while others will avoid the confrontation; the youth who avoid may leave the center and not attend for a few

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