Essay on A Crisis Is An Unexpected Event

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First of all, it is important to know and understand what crisis is before any management of it can be done. “A crisis is an unexpected event that calls for the mobilization of additional resources beyond those necessary for everyday life. When people encounter unexpected challenges and traumas, they may have difficulty mobilizing their resources to meet these challenges.” (NVAA Work Group, p. 7-4). Basically, when an individual is faced with a trauma and they cannot recover from it themselves or they keep getting stuck in the event even though it is not happening and need other people to help them piece back together their life and recover, that is crisis.

Additionally, “‘a crisis can be thought of as a system out of balance. Normally, all of us maintain our state of equilibrium on a day-to-day basis without too much trouble. Obstacles are overcome because we’ve learned good coping skills to reestablish equilibrium after some event has temporarily knocked us off balance. Crises occur when the balance cannot be retained, even though we are trying very hard to correct the problem’” (TDMHSAS, 2012, p. 9). A crisis can be very challenging to overcome and can make the individual feel hopeless, but there is still hope for them because there are individuals who can help them move past the sense of hopelessness and live life. Something that can trigger an individual to be in a crisis is being a victim of a crime.

Causes of crisis include situational, age-related, loss, AIDS,…

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