Essay about A Controversial Treatment Of Stem Cells

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Although scientific research has come a long way since the beginning of time, it has not done so without some kind of controversy. From Biopsychiatry to the Tuskegee Experiments, it seems as though there cannot be any scientific breakthrough without some kind of ethical issue. Stem cells are another example of a controversial treatment that is taking the medical field by storm. Although it is very controversial, it’s results are truly amazing and beneficial to anyone who is willing to give it a try. Stem cells have the potential to divide into special cells through a process called “mitosis”. Mitosis is part of the cell cycle; it is a process where the cell nucleus is separated into two identical sets of chromosomes. Mitosis is an important part of cell division, and occurs in different circumstances. Some include but are not limited to cell replacement, regeneration and asexual reproduction. Stem cells work with progenitor cells, which is a biological cell that helps replace any cells that die normally. There are two broad types of stem cells, embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. These cells act by repairing parts of the body, regenerating cells in the process. Embryonic stem cells are developed from a fertilized egg, which occurs when a male sperm fertilizes the female egg in order to create and embryo. Scientists are able to collect these fertilized eggs in order to use them for research. There are two ways to collect these samples. One way is for a couple…

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