A Controversial Debate About Genetically Modified Organisms Essay example

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All the world, there is a controversial debate about genetically modified organisms. Today’s food production uses GMOs, which are “genetically modified organisms that have genes copied from other organisms” (Jalonick). The way this happens is genes from another organism have been taken and injected into an organism that is being grown. The United States has initiated in moving forward with this idea. With there being an abundant amount of people born globally, scientists’ are trying to find a sufficient way to grow food without countless products spoiling. With there being many debates, such as genetically modified organisms are bad for people and more chemicals are being used than on organic products, about genetically modified organisms more problems are happening with no problems being resolved. Debates should be stopped and the United States should be allowed to genetically modify organisms. The first reason being a few genetically modified organisms have been engineered to be better than the other organisms that are not so great. By engineering these organisms it can reduce the chances of people catching e-coli, salmonella, food poisoning, or any other sort of food-borne illnesses. In the article "Debate over Genetically Modified Foods Continues amid Confusion” the author states: “Organisms that are being modified are being less likely to have diseases, may be cleaner in an environment, and grow more efficiently, with this being in place people will be less prone to…

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