Comparison: The Dark Knight Trilogy

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I was “introduced” last summer by my obsessed boyfriend (at the time) to all things Batman. Comic books, movies, cartoons, collectibles, he had it all, and it sparked my interest. Over the course of the next year I grew to love Batman almost as much as him, my primary interest being the recent Dark Knight Trilogy. The trilogy consists of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises (the only Batman feature length films not to include “Batman” in their titles). Batman Begins, my personal favorite in the series, tells a much darker grittier Batman origin story than we’ve ever seen before. Through an action packed plot visiting varied locals, interesting, well acted characters, and ingenious technology his tale is told..
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They created one of the most enduring heroes in comic history, a hero who went on to appear in numerous television series, both live action and animated, video games, as well as several successful feature length film appearances. The most popular of which being the recent Dark Knight Trilogy, further solidifying Batman’s fan’s claims of being one of the most successful comic franchises of all time. But what is it that makes him so appealing? I think it is the fact he is an everyman, a superhero without superpowers he relies on his superior intellect, training, and an extravagant budget to make him a force to be reckoned with while dealing with the most frightening rogues gallery in all of comicdom. Maybe it is just the mask, what woman doesn’t love a mysterious man. A member of the Justice League, he is often fighting side-by-side Superman, and Wonder Woman, among others. It’s really isn’t that surprising that Batman is always on the lips of comic fans or starring in yet another feature film, next year’s Batman V. Superman: Dawn of …show more content…
A hero like none other, he is no boy scout like Superman. He is willing to get down and dirty to protect the people of fair Gotham, often brutal in his methods, but never forgetting the value of a human life. Batman Begins tells the action packed tale of the trials and tribulations Bruce Wayne endures on the path to becoming the hero that Gotham City needs. It has something for everyone. Batman Begins speaks to all types of audiences with its veiled love story, amazing technology, and endearing characters. I would recommend it to anyone looking to take the dive into Gotham and get to know

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